This section contains projects done by Stephanie Aaron as an
MFA student at the School of Visual Arts Interaction Design program.
Oasis of Healing

Class: Thesis

Assignment: Our year-long thesis project topic matter was up to our own choosing. I elected to look at improving the hospital patient experience.


Thesis and purpose statement
Hospitals are inherently chaotic stressful places for everyone involved - patients, visitors, and staff. Oasis of Healing is a service to improve the hospital patient experience by incorporating nature into every aspect of the hospital environment. It is based on the "Biophilia Hypothesis" that humans have a deep-rooted connection to nature.

Research has proven that patients with access to nature have experienced improved moods, reduced stress, less pain, and shorter hospital stays. A better environment also benefits staff and visitors.

In a healthcare setting the "nature" can be take on may forms including: actual - indoor and outdoor gardens, plants in patient rooms and public spaces; simulated- films, audio, virtual reality, artificial skylights; or incorporate natural sounds, water elements, natural light, and views from nature.

Definition of audience and benefits
My research led me to the realization that the hospital administrators, architects, and clinicians responsible for for the way our hospitals look and feel lead hectic busy lives. In order to create an oasis of the patients I needed to create an oasis for the them. Oasis of Healing is a tranquil online space designed to inspire, educate and
provide resources so they can create calm natural environments for their patients. It contains tools they need to quickly and easily find resources, relevant research, understand design principles, share best practices, and discover how to pitch financial benefits to administration.

For more detailed information download a PDF of the Thesis Process book.

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