This section contains projects done by Stephanie Aaron as an
MFA student at the School of Visual Arts Interaction Design program.
Bun in the Oven

Class: Service Design

Assignment: Create a service in which behavior is changed for the better. Our team chose to develop a service to teach low-income pregnant teens about nutrition, and provide the means for them to eat better during their pregnancy and throughout their child's first year. Our research showed that poor nutrition during pregnancy can result in premature births and babies with medical problems.

Solution: Starting with a "You Could be Pregnant" campaign of posters in schools, TV commercials and Facebook advertising, the service brings teens in early in their pregnancy (most don't find out that they are pregnant until the third trimester.) Bun in the Oven hosts parties when teens learn about nutrition; are taught how to cook simple, healthy meals, and how to show on a limited budget. They also meet other girls in the same situation and develop a social network. Other aspects of the service are a reusable gift bag with a food diary and guide to eating, shopping list, and some basic cooking utensils; "Eating 4 Two" a texting service with daily tips; and the Bun in the Oven website which has community forums, and information from professional resources.

Group project with Michael Katayama, Angela Huang, and Colleen Miller.