This section contains projects done by Stephanie Aaron as an
MFA student at the School of Visual Arts Interaction Design program.

Class: Physical Computing

Assignment: Envision a real-world problem that can be solved by a physical computing solution. I looked into the problem of bicycle safety in NYC - every year approximately 18 cyclists are killed by cars. NYC has 111 miles of bike lanes but they are often blocked by cars and trucks. There are not enough traffic cops to enforce the law.

Solution: Cycl(e)clops is a handlebar mounted camera. When the cyclist rings their bell the camera takes a picture, as soon as the camera hits a wireless hot spot it send the photos to the web. The website contains image recognition software, if it sees a license plate and bike lanes the photo is posted along with the date, time and location. An email is generated and sent to the Department of Transportation. The motorist is mailed a ticket and hopefully they learn not to park in bike lanes and bicyclists get to ride safely.