This section contains projects done by Stephanie Aaron as an
MFA student at the School of Visual Arts Interaction Design program.

Class: Designing the Conversation

Assignment: To re-imagine The New York Times as a startup, answering the question, "given the same content produced daily, what kind of product would you build out of it?" We were challenged to think about the problem from a business perspective, and to think big and be brilliant.

Solution: My team the "Mathletes," decided to use image recognition software to bring news and information to people in a topical, self-directed way. The user could snap a photo of a book, a building, a photo or a news article in the paper and instantly unlock overviews, interactive information graphics, in-depth looks, video and more right on their smart phone. The application would log their interests and feed it back into the larger NYTimes online ecosystem. Over time, the user's New York Times online experience would grow increasingly customized to the user's interests.

Group project with Katie Koch and Russ Mashmeyer.