This section contains projects done by Stephanie Aaron as an
MFA student at the School of Visual Arts Interaction Design program.
MULA: A Currency for the Upper East Side

Class: Communicating Design

Assignment: To create a local currency for a NYC neighborhood. Names of neighborhoods were pulled out of a hat, and were asked to research the neighborhood to determine what characteristics should be represented on its currency.

Solution: The Upper East Side is home to more museums than anywhere else in New York City. The currency's name is the "Mula," which is an acronym for, "Museums: our Local Asset." The currency comes in denominations of five, ten and twenty Mula, each museum has its art on a set of the three denominations, yielding upwards of thirty different designs. The design of the Mula is based on the golden section, the colors used are the three primary and three secondary colors. The design was featured in Community Currency magazine.